How can CO2IN contribute to greater energy security in Czechia?

The war conflict in Ukraine has significantly changed the view of fossil fuel dependence. Not so long ago, the camp of those in favour of the carefree burning of fossil gas, oil and coal quite successfully questioned the manifestations and downplayed the risks of global warming. But brutal war, broadcast live into every household, brings new dangers. These are very difficult to downplay, as is ongoing climate change. Whether it is the threat to the security of the energy sector and all downstream users from rising prices or supply shortages, or the outright misuse of the proceeds of fuel sales to finance wars.

In the Czech environment, which until recently has not infrequently defined itself against the manifestations of European 'green madness', now both the die-hard supporters of fossil fuels and the architects of the 'beneficial' relationship with the virtually monopolistic supplier of gas, oil, nuclear fuel and other alleged necessities have become nervous. In doing so, the latter has so far used only the ability to manipulate price. It has so far only indirectly threatened to interrupt supplies and has only resorted to the military destruction of energy infrastructure in the relatively remote territory of Ukraine. However, as a result of the global nature of the conflict, it is already clear that it will have long-term and far-reaching consequences, and not just for us. And with major strategic implications. For the reasons outlined above, we anticipate that the importance of energy security will grow significantly both here and throughout the democratic world.

The CO2IN project can help significantly in this regard. Firstly, as a lever to directly reduce CO2 emissions (and thus emissions of substances harmful to health), and secondly, as a motivating factor to promote energy savings and the construction of clean domestic sources. The funds raised from the auctioning of emission allowances can then be directly used to finance the construction of decentralised emission-free energy and increase energy and economic self-sufficiency.

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