About CO2IN

CO2IN is a tool that enables individuals, companies and municipalities to engage in the fight against climate change. Through a mobile application, users can purchase and send tokens that prevent the emission of greenhouse gases into the air.

CO2IN tokens represent the amount of emissions averted. Each CO2IN token corresponds to the equivalent of 10 kg of greenhouse gases. We achieve this by removing emission allowances from the EU's emissions market. For every 100 CO2IN tokens, one emission allowance with a nominal value of 1 tonne will be withdrawn from circulation. These allowances will therefore not end up in the hands of polluters.

With the CO2IN project you can:

  • Calculate your carbon footprint and learn about the impact of your lifestyle on the environment
  • Purchase and hold CO2IN tokens to reduce harmful emissions
  • Pay with CO2IN at participating merchants
  • Send and receive CO2INs from friends and family
  • Gift CO2IN vouchers to friends, co-workers, or employees


Forum24 / 28-06-2022 How to deal with Russian gas? Ten unsolicited pieces of advice for Energy Minister Síkela

Times are bad. The Kremlin has unleashed a trade war against the EU and its main symbolic weapon has become energy. The Czech Republic's dependence on Russian fossil fuels is among the highest in Europe. The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) has not yet exhausted all options to deal with the impact of Russia's pressure war on the EU. What are the remaining ones?

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Finmag / 13-06-2022 It's time to transform the energy system, Russian fossil sources should be a challenge for Czechia in the EU

The development of renewable energy sources in Czechia has been stagnating for a long time. This points to one dangerous feature of the prevailing Czech attitude towards the European Union. Until we agree on a target, we will not do a thing. The Czech EU presidency, given Russia's continuing consumption of fossil fuels, gives us an opportune opportunity to abandon the prospect of targets and finally start to implement change.

Full Story / 04-06-2022 Russia has sent millions of people in Europe into energy poverty. It has been preparing for war since last spring

When gas and electricity prices started to rise sharply last spring, we weren't paying attention. At that time, Putin launched an attack against the democratic world in order to weaken the EU. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is not only an attack on Ukraine, but also an attack on democratic Europe and on us Europeans. We have ignored this clear signal and have instead engaged in polemics with those who have helped to spread the Kremlin's smokescreen. We will be dealing with the consequences for a long time to come.

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Forbes / 14-03-2022 The Green Deal is anything but dead, writes entrepreneur Jan Palaščák

Almost immediately after the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, voices began to be raised that the European energy Green Deal was dead. It is now clear that the opposite is true. There will be a climate-neutral energy sector. But we must now start to consider the security footprint alongside the carbon footprint. Simply put, the degree of our energy self-sufficiency.

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Newstream / 11-03-2022 We may be pulling the long end of the rope with Russia on gas, but it will hurt

The energy crisis in Europe was triggered by Russian President Putin on purpose, says Jan Palaščák, head of the Czech company Amper. According to him, we can withstand this pressure even if we burn coal and wear sweaters for a while.

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Newstream / 26-11-2011 Anyone with a mobile phone will be able to trade emission allowances

Amper Holding founder Jan Palaščák is developing the start-up CO2IN with global ambitions to expand the trade of emission allowances to literally anyone with a mobile phone. "It's not an investment tool, it's a way to erase your carbon footprint," Palaščák adds.

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Forbes / 4-11-2021 The CO2IN currency can become a unicorn. Its founder would like to meet Greta or Gates in Glasgow

Entrepreneur Jan Palaščák has recently come to the fore in connection with the collapse of Bohemia Energy, to which he sold his company Amper Market in the past. On Thursday, he presented a new vision for his own Amper group to journalists. It will focus on sustainable energy. Jan Palaščák has big plans for the green energy-focused Amper. In recent months, the company has rebooted and formed three new divisions - Assets, Services and Innovation.

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Ekonomický deník / 24-9-2021 Would you like an emission allowance? It can now be bought with an app

Trading in emission allowances has been the domain of large corporations and states, but the Czech project changes everything. Currently, the final version of the CO2IN app is available on Google Play and the App Store, which makes emission allowances accessible to private individuals. Around two thousand users have already downloaded it, and the first dozens of traders are already using CO2IN as a payment method.

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Roklen 24 / 23-9-2021 Anyone can now buy an emission permit thanks to a unique app from Czechia

Emissions trading has so far been the domain of large corporations and states. A globally unique Czech project is changing all that. Currently, the final version of the CO2IN app is available in the Google Play and App Stores, making the area of emission allowances accessible to private individuals. At the moment, almost two thousand users have downloaded it, and the first ten traders are already using CO2IN as a payment method.


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Pollution Solutions / 19-10-2020 Launch of World’s First Green Currency for CO2 Emissions Trading

Amper Holding, a specialist in renewable energy solutions and services, has announced the launch of the world’s first virtual currency for emissions trading by private individuals, made avaliable through an app. What sets CO2IN apart from other virtual currencies, is that is based on a real economy value, namely linked to the price of emission allowances within the European Union Emission Trading System (EU ETS) at a fixed rate of 100 CO2IN for 1 allowance.

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Seznam Zprávy / 15-9-2021 Czech virtual currency is different from bitcoin. Instead of value, it sucks in carbon emissions

Czechia has a new virtual currency CO2IN. However, its holders will not get too rich, as its main goal is to contribute to climate protection. The founder hopes that one day it will be possible to pay for theatre tickets, for example.

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Forbes / 13-8-2021 A shortage would show people that they can generate their own electricity, says Jan Palaščák

Coal is coming to an end, the completion of a nuclear power plant is still under discussion, photovoltaic plants have a bad reputation because of the benefits for the solar barons. These are the starting conditions for the new energy era that is to be built on the foundations of the Green Deal.

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Hospodářské noviny / 8-7-2021 Lucie Černohlávková's morning briefing: the virtual currency that will improve the atmosphere

In a few weeks you will be able to buy the new pro-environment virtual currency CO2IN. It's backed by the Czech Jan Palaščák of the energy group Amper, it's backed by European emission allowances, and if you decide to try it out, you'll supposedly be able to erase your carbon footprint and put pressure on big polluters to do something about it. Because you will be making their emission allowances more expensive. 

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Forbes / 6-7-2021 A Czech created a new virtual currency. It will erase your carbon footprint.

Erase your carbon footprint in one click. What sounds like science fiction, Jan Palaščák, founder of the Amper Group, has decided to put into practice. He has created a virtual currency, CO2IN, which is backed by European emission allowances.

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mujRozhlas / 6-6-2021 The real solar barons are gone, says Amper Group owner Jan Palaščák

"I have a solar power plant, I have not sold it, I am not hiding behind foreign ownership. But the question is whether I'm a solar baron," Jan Palaščák, owner of the Amper Group and founder of the CO2IN project, which is supposed to allow you to "erase your carbon footprint at the click of a button", says on Speaking of Money. "The real solar barons are already gone," adds Palaščák.

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Green Univers / 27-10-2020 A virtual currency for CO2

After bitcoin, ether, solar coin, green tokens, here comes the CO2IN, a virtual currency based on CO2 allowances. Designed by Czech energy company, the Amper Group, theCO2IN project is backed by the European ETS (Emission Trading Scheme), based on the exchange of CO2 allowances.

Full Story / 2-11-2020 CO2IN virtual currency directly backed by real assets

I am the CEO of the Amper group, the Prague-based provider of services in the field of renewable energy which developed the CO2IN project. After graduating in economics and philosophy, I went straight into the energy business, eventually founding Amper Market in 2011. Today the Amper group consists of five subsidiaries focusing on certain elements of sustainable energy production, such as Amper Asset Management on financing renewables or Amper Meteo, specialized in weather forecasts for the energy sector.

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